Natsu ended up joining Fairy End, in which he formed an almost, sibling-particularly rivalry with Grey Fullbuster and Erza Vivid red

Natsu ended up joining Fairy End, in which he formed an almost, sibling-particularly rivalry with Grey Fullbuster and Erza Vivid red

Just after getting up, Natsu kept on the a venture to acquire Igneel and was sooner or later found by the Guild Learn off Fairy End: Makarov Dreyar. He had been including shown to be towards an excellent terms and conditions that have Lisanna Strauss and you can Elfman Strauss soon after they came into the fresh new guild.

1 day, Natsu discover a keen egg regarding tree eastern off Magnolia. Thinking that it is an excellent Dragon Egg, Natsu grabbed it towards the guild and is badoo free you may requested Makarov to make they hatch, but Makarov and you will Erza advised your which he was the only the one that can make the latest eggs hatch; due to like and worry. Lisanna open to assist Natsu look after the eggs up to they hatched, to which Natsu cheerfully acknowledged. The two established a good poor straw domestic throughout the playground in order to support the eggs enjoying, to be extremely close in the procedure.

The next early morning, Natsu discovered that new eggs are destroyed, and you may began to fault some of his guildmates. Immediately following arguing that have everyone about Guild and you may nearly creating a fight with Mirajane, Elfman searched, holding the latest egg, detailing that he simply planned to assist, however, is actually as well embarrassed to inquire about. All of a sudden, the new egg hatched and you will a bluish cat which have wings came out. Lisanna remarked abreast of brand new sudden change in the latest guild’s environment once the newest cat’s birth, compelling Natsu to-name this new pet Pleased.

Many years introduced and you may Lisanna partook up on an S-Category job along with her sisters, where she try designed to take a look an animal called “The fresh Beast”. Natsu desired to squeeze into your, however, Elfman compared, as he noticed the guy should be the you to be sure out of their family members. Lisanna is actually eventually slain by the Elfman throughout the their decide to try from the getting across the beast. In the event Natsu forgave your, he had been considerably saddened by skills.

Lucy’s Records [ ]

Lucy was given birth to on the immediately after very rich and strong Heartfilia friends. This lady dad and mom was in fact to start with part of a merchants’ guild entitled ‘Love Lucky’ where the a couple fulfilled; they made a decision to be separate whenever Lucy’s mom, Layla, became expecting. They chose her title once they realized that the fresh sign for the fresh guild are lost the fresh page “K”, and you may as an alternative discover ‘Love Lucy’; it produced a viewpoint on it, indeed there to have they age the girl after they.

Back into the girl household, Lucy shared a reference to the employees regarding the home also, allegedly, the woman mom, up until she died when Lucy was within ages of ten in the year X777. Lucy turned into withdrawn and you may disheartened once their mom’s dying if you are the lady father is actually overly obsessed with their organization and money and ultimately, he’d forgotten his daughter for many years, which in turn added this lady to run away from your home merely more a-year till the start of tale.

Relationship [ ]

Natsu and Lucy display one of the closest dating among people in Fairy End, the deep thread stemming on the fact that Natsu is actually new one guilty of Lucy joining the newest guild. The 2 finished up forming a group and also have getting couples, near to Happy, that go on the operate together with her. It daily link up having Erza Bright red, Gray Fullbuster, and later, Wendy Natsu.

If you’re Lucy have a tendency to becomes irked because of the Natsu’s harmful and you will impulsive characteristics, she actually is together with greatly captivated because of the their childish antics, finding that it is charming. Much so you’re able to their chagrin, Natsu seem to drops by her house unannounced, and sporadically falls sleep in her own place, otherwise for her bed, when awaiting the lady. Oftentimes, Natsu comically phone calls Lucy ‘weird’ of course she do or states anything that is strange by the their requirements, which leads to Lucy incredulously citing that he is the newest way more unusual one out of both. She’s grown used to which have Natsu up to from day to night and you can are leftover inside tears when he remaining this lady to have a good year. She profoundly overlooked your features conveyed frustration having him for not realising just how much their decision hurt the lady. Whilst the he had been moved, she would trust she noticed your during the a crowd of people or do assume your to be in their room such always. Even after becoming reunited having your, and you may showing this lady pleasure, she nevertheless stored a beneficial grudge against him to own his strategies and you can in the one-point faced your regarding it, whilst the blushing, just before Juvia disturbed them.

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